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MSI Wind babes....
« dnia: 01 Sierpień 2008, 10:59:07 »

Requested by MSI:

To All of Our Internet Browsers~

Be the First to Catch Our Wind Beauties!

There are so many news articles about notebooks out there, especially miniature notebooks, what we titled “Netbook”. Vendors spending a fortune on ads, and flyers are flying everywhere. It’s all really making me a little nauseous

My personal favorite from this wave of miniature notebooks is most certainly the Wind NB from MSI. I got to check them out at their stand during Computex, they were all really light and looked GREAT! (I do judge books by its covers, and proud of it!) I couldn’t wait to own one! I also got to see their new promotional photos the other day, the models in the pictures were so HOT! Definitely my kind of ladies! They most certainly add up the score to my preference on buying a Wind NB! These pictures are first hands information, try and enjoy!Which it is still hot!

Adorable Campus Girls Discovered! Hopping on one leg while holding the Wind NB!

Can’t this be the same person? Yes, she is!Playing computer games can’t be this inviting!

Fabulous! Very dreamy with the Pink model! 
These next pictures took at home are even more appealing!

What a smile! Just like my dream girl.

Sleeping with the Wind instead of the Teddy Bear? I wonder what she is smiling about…

Wow! She must be looking at a picture of ME! 


Stop staring! I’m blushing!

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