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Oct 18, 2005
Requested by MSI:

Unwrapping Report: The Light and Elegant MSI Wind Notebook is Here!

[size=14pt]The highly anticipated MSI Wind Notebook has arrived! It’s soothing appearance with a sky blue backdrop along with elegant curves of the clouds, expressing a pure sense of comfort. 


The top right side of the box is labeled with the special features of the MSI Wind Notebook, great attention to details!


The side of the box clearly indicates that the MSI Wind Notebook comes in Imperial black, angelic white, and loving pink. The packaging appears to be very light and portable, making you anxious to unwrap it to experience the real thing


Unwrapped! The MSI Wind Notebook is about to make its presence!


The highly anticipated MSI Wind Notebook is here to meet your every need. The exterior is the delicate loving pink, processed with color film print technology for excellence in quality and texture, also very portable weighted in just about 1 kilogram.


Opening it up for the 10 inch screen! The MSI Wind Notebook might be small, but the screen is humongous!


Power on! It is the very familiar Windows XP operation system, very friendly to use


It offers a much more comforting viewing experience, perfect especially for children. The MSI Wind Notebook is easily adaptable for accessing full WebPages on the internet with an embedded 130 mega pixel webcam, meeting all of the requirements for browsing the internet or teleconferencing. 


Other than the large screen, the keyboard is 95%N in size, making typing a comfortable experience 


Competition 1~The MSI Wind Notebook is one size smaller!


Competition 2~ The MSI Wind Notebook looks light, portable, and adorable while staying practical in functions as well. 


Competition 3~


Don’t forget the backside! We are now ready to explore the deepest secrets of the MSI Wind Notebook.


Revealing the mystery of the MSI Wind Notebook! Here lies the key of the excellent performance!


Wow! 2.5 inch SATA hard drive with 80GB, plus 2GB (1GB built-in that can be expanded to 2GB) in memory. It may be small in size but never in functions. 


Equipped with Intel’s new energy-saving Atom processor, so the operating time can go as long as 6 hours (with 6 cell battery). This is a crucial key in selecting notebooks.


Overall, the MSI Wind Notebook is elegant in appearance, portable to carry, easy to operate, and complete in functions. Supports Bluetooth, equipped with 4 in 1 card reader, 80GB hard drive, large screen and keyboard, battery span for up to 6 hours(with 6 cell battery), intrigued? Why don’t you give it a try?

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